Surbiton Masonic Hall is one of 14 Masonic Centres in Surrey.

Established as a Masonic Centre in 1920, Surbiton Masonic Hall as we know it today consists of 3 main Temples, two of which are named after the masons who first discovered the house. The George Cowen Temple, the Thomas Turner Temple and the John Nix Temple. These are used regularly for Masonic meetings and ceremonies by the 90 Lodges, 50 Chapters and 35 other units that currently meet at Surbiton.

The house also includes two rehearsal rooms, one on the ground floor and another on the second that are used for Lodge of Instruction and Chapter of Improvement meetings.

There are four main rooms at Glenmore House used for Masonic dining; On the first floor there is The Crescent Room, which is primarily used for Chapter dining.

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